Baan Bayan was originally built in the early 1900. The House was one among many summer beach houses owned by Kromphraya Dhevavongvaropakorn
About Baan Bayan Beach Hotel

Our Philosophy
The Baan Bayan Beach Hotel caters to a discerning and selective group of guests who yearn for an ambience that's both unique and sophisticated, a place where thay can simply experience the serenity of a colonial-style beach house amidst rich history and culture. See gallery Baan Bayan Beach Hotel for a glimpse of what awaits you!

A Rich History
Located in Hua Hin Thailand, the Baan Bayan Beach Hotel was originally built in the early 1900s. Facing Hua Hin's white sandy beach, it has the undeniably superb location in one of the most sought after areas there.

Baan Bayan Beach Hotel forever catches the eyes of passersby with its hundred-year old frangipani tree, its spacious veranda together with its carved eaves and railings embracing the house.

See accomodations Baan Bayan Beach Hotel for room styles available.

Originally a family's summer retreat, The House was one among many summer beach houses owned by Kromphraya Dhevavongvaropakorn.

Built during the early years of construction of Hua Hin town and railway station, The House was handed down to Momjao Ying Absornsaman, wife of Kromphra Chantaburi Naruenart, before being sold to Khun Prabha Chaiyawat on 1 April 1952.

The House was then renamed Baan Bayan, as coined by Ya-Khob, the renowned Thai writer.
In the past, Baan Bayan was regularly visited by Khun Prabha, her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Its charm and ambience render feelings of warmth and happiness in its simplest form. Not only does Baan Bayan hold its value as a rare architectural building, but it also reminds those very fond of the house of times passed and memories still cherished.

Classic Elegance
Today, it is one of the rarest and finest examples of a Golden Teak Thai Style Bungalow House, lovingly restored to its former lory by the family who had lived in it for nearly half a century.

Baan Bayan Beach Hotel was awarded the prestigious Historical Architectural Conservation Award in 2005 by the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) under the Royal Patronage.

Guests staying at Baan Bayan Beach Hotel can experience the glory of a bygone era, yet with all of today's modern comforts, facilities and amenities. See facilities available at Baan Bayan Beach Hotel!

It is positioned as a small, exclusive, luxury, beach hotel offering the charm of a traditional Thai aristocratic beach house.

Baan Bayan Beach Hotel will allow guests to sink back into a history rich with associations of the swinging, glorious 1920/30's.

Guests who have a desire to experience history and culture and seek a different vacation venue will appreciate the atmosphere at Baan Bayan Beach Hotel. Advantageously, the resort is only a few minutes away from Hua Hin town center, market, and airport.

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We look forward to welcoming you into our home.

Baan Bayan a Beachfront Hotel Hua Hin

Welcome to Baan Bayan Beachfront Hotel, Hua Hin

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Only 21 tastefully decorated rooms, ranging in sizes from 48 to 200 square meters, await your arrival, to this tropical beachfront paradise.

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